Meeting at University of Almería

Meeting at University of Almería with researchers and breeders.

Bullsoft Solutions engineers have conducted a basic training course on NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP to researchers at the University of Almeria. They did a review of some functionalities to design the parental crosses for new experimental hybrids in horticultural species.

Bullsoft Solutions appreciate the presence of plant breeders from Rijk Zwaan and Semillas Fitó who attended to see our software running.

Noah high performance (i)

NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP is currently the software solution that exhibits the highest performance for plant breeding of horticultural species.

How can the lab tests of molecular marker resistances be saved into the system in less than 1 minute? Let's see how to do it with the high performance software for plant breeding NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP.

Previously: add the sizes of plates that you use, and match the values ​​of the lab spreadsheets, with the values ​​in Noah. This step only has to be done once.

  1. Fill the wells of the plate with the codes (lots or accessions) of the materials that you have sent to the lab.
  2. Load in Noah the spreadsheet with the results obtained in lab.
  3. With only one click save the results to the system. Noah will warn you if there are inconsistencies in the information.

Note: the black triangle in the upper right part means that is being entered a new value.

Note: the red triangle in the upper right part means that an existing value is being modified.

Note: data shown is not real.

Noah for strawberry

Bullsoft Solutions has signed an agreement for the implementation of NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP at IFAPA Churriana (Málaga).

Bullsoft Solutions has signed an agreement for the implementation of NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP at IFAPA Churriana (Málaga) for the management of their in-vitro and in-vivo germplasm bank of Fragaria vesca and Fragaria x ananassa, as well as for the breeding program of Fragaria x ananassa. Currently Noah is a software of unbeatable performance for species such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, etc. With this project Bullsoft will incorporate in Noah the specific functionality necessary for breeding programs of Fragaria x ananassa (which is an octoploid species) as well as collaborate in the QTL mapping project that IFAPA Churriana is carrying out on several populations of Fragaria x ananassa.

Plant breeding software functionality

NOAH ERP manages all the processes of companies dedicated to seed commercialization, plant breeding, germplasm bank, variety trials and testing, etc. In all these features, NOAH ERP software is the most complete global solution available today. Moreover, the engineers of Bullsoft Solutions have made a special effort in the section of the software dedicated to plant breeding, functionality which is the most powerful with difference compared with its competitors.

Below are some of the utilities available in the plant breeding section of the software, which allow the breeder and the breeder assistant to design their new experimental hybrids using all the existing information in the database:

  • Design of parental characteristics with complex filters using the operators AND, OR, NOT that can be grouped together. It allows adding parameters such as "segregates" and "not evaluated" for a set of characteristics.
  • Configuration of forbidden crosses, and crosses that must be swapped, according to the characteristics of the parents.
  • Detection of identical family crosses in the list of candidates, according to the qualitative characteristics that are established to determine the equality of one cross with another.
  • Hybrid prediction. Automatic search of parents according to the target characteristics.
  • Automatic backcross detection.
  • Filtered list of candidates according to characteristics of females or males, to examine different parts of the list.
  • Planning of the hybrids to be carried out according to the sowing germinations and the established proportionality of females per males. Printing of labels for plants, crosses and new selections.
  • Generation of reports: sowing, characteristics of candidates, equal siblings, etc.
  • Form for evaluation with automatic advance mode to accelerate characteristics recording by column or by row.
  • Utility for copying characteristics of previous accession or between sibling accessions.
  • Flexible system to configure the code pattern of lines, experimental hybrids, genetic crosses and backcrosses, admitting any type of parameter.
  • Statistics graphs: percentage of each qualitative value of characteristics of candidates and predictions; percentage of selections / plants according to origin, etc.
  • NOAH "Portable" application for tablet devices for working at field.
  • Tool for the fast creation of lots of research seeds and their labeling at seedbet.
  • Tool for the automatic import of laboratory results of molecular markers.
  • And many other functionalities for a full management of plant breeding processes.

With these functionalities and many others that NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP provides, the breeder and the breeder assistant have a software solution that allows the complete management of plant breeding processes.

Presented NOAH Portable, the new application designed for use in tablets

NOAH Portable is a Windows application specially designed for tablets, which provides the functions of NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP for field work of plant breeding and evaluation of varieties, management of shipments in camera, or taking of data in nursery.

NOAH Portable is a Windows application specially designed for use on a tablet device with Internet access with 4G or WiFi, which provides the functionality of Noah forfield work such as adding in the system new hybrid selections or evaluation of varieties in trials. With this new application of Noah the registration in the system of information of the tasks of observing materials is simple and robust. The user interface presents an effective design for performing operations on a tablet that can comfortably carry with.

NOAH Portable provides some functionalities for tablets, for example, the section "Germination tasks" allows the user to save the germination data observed in the nursery. Each germination task consists of one or several lots and includes a calendar where the user can see highlighted the days in which there are recorded germination data. In the "Researches" section the user can add to the system the new selections of experimental hybrids, as well as save the characteristics of the materials, with useful tools of copy of characteristics between siblings and previous accessions. The "Stock" section allows to check with a barcode reader that everything about the seed shipment is correct according to what was recorded in the system. The "Trials" section allows the user to save in the system the data observed in the field during the tasks of evaluating varieties.

NOAH is a modern, powerful and complete product far superior to competitors

NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP provides full functionality to manage any process that takes place in a seed company, it is also a modern software with advanced user interfaces and tools. Noah has revolutionized the software for the sector, providing a set of applications clearly superior to the existing alternatives that are all simple spreadsheets with utilities.

NOAH plant germplasm ERP is the best software platform for resource planning of plant germplasm, and provides full functionality for:

  • Plant breeding
  • Product development
  • Productions
  • Stock, sales and samples
  • Forecasts
  • Germplasm bank

Noah manages the integrity, security and robustness of the information. Protects and keeps the human expert knowledge in your organization. Includes powerful query tools to provide the support for decision making. Supports integration with Power BI. Provides a modern, powerful and easy learning user interface design. Provides full functionality for Plant Breeding. Tools for create new hybrids with complex design of parental characteristics. Rules for: predictions, forbidden crosses, swapping crosses; backcrossing; generation of all the reports and labels, etc. Provides the section Trials for Product Development. Provides a section for the management of internal or external Productions of hybrids. Provides functionality for stock control, seed tracking, sales and samples. Provides a flexible and powerful search system by filters and operators, which provides accurate support for decision making.

NOAH Portable, specially designed for tablets, provides the functions for field work of plant breeding and evaluation of varieties, management of shipments in camera, or taking of data in nursery. Noah provides an important set of statistics about the business of your products. Allows to classify the materials (Accessions) in Areas. Each user can only see information related to the materials that belong to their Areas. The configuration of the user Roles allows to have a total control of the actions that each user of the system can perform. NOAH allows you to configure the code pattern of the objects (accessions, trials, lots, packages, productions, etc) with a powerful, secure and flexible XML format.

Noah includes a set of visual warnings that increases the performance of users and the reliability of operations. Noah includes the history of object changes where the user can see how an object has been modified since it was created. The accessions have a list of events and a list of children, so that the user can easily see the activity of each material.

The tool for automatically importing laboratory tests for Molecular Markers saves time and provides reliability. Noah provides a powerful reporting tool that describes in detail the information requested by the user. NOAH provides all the necessary labels for the processes. Includes a file repository with version control. The files that belong to an object, are saved into the object. Access to folders can be restricted by user. All the types of objects of are fully customizable. Noah applications have been developed using the most advanced software tools: C# Microsoft .NET Framework, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Identity authentication, Data encryption, Microsoft SQL Server.

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