NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP

NOAH Plant Germplasm ERP is a high performance software that protects the integrity, security and robustness of the information, keeps the human expert knowledge in your organization and provides advanced query tools for supporting decision making. Noah is a new product on the market that incorporates the latest technologies and it has been deployed in important seed companies companies as well as in public institutions.

Noah applications allows a company to manage the processes of all its workplaces for: plant breeding, variety trials, forecasts, productions, samples and sales. Access to information and operability restrictions are ensured through the configuration of user roles and areas of materials. In addition Noah includes a file repository system with version control, a tool for automatically importing molecular markers laboratory reports, an application designed for tablet devices for field work and a modern, simple and powerful interface.

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NOAH - Plant breeding software - Trials - Inventory - Productions
NOAH Field Notebook

NOAH Field Notebook

The field notebook is a document in which holders of farms must register the treatments and work carried out on their farms. NOAH Field is a computer application that allows you to easily manage the different tasks carried out on your farms: job management, stock management, cost management, document management, phytosanitary application, planting, harvesting, etc. In addition, it provides a tool for generating reports. If you register on this website, you will access a private environment where you can try Noah Field.

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